“How Concerned Are You About Being Sued for Malpractice?” – Poll Results

One of the benefits of SmartRules is that it helps attorneys avoid malpractice risks by providing information and instructions regarding timing, deadlines, and other litigation procedures. As part of our continual effort to be aware of attorneys’ professional concerns and needs, we recently asked law firms the following question in an online poll:

“As a solo or small firm attorney, how concerned are you about being sued for malpractice?”

Overall Results: The survey reveals that 47% of attorneys are “Somewhat Concerned” and 22% are “Very Concerned” about being sued for malpractice. That’s nearly 70% of respondents who feel they are at risk for malpractice claims.

Results by Gender: Though a slightly higher percentage of males replied that they are “Very Concerned” about being sued for malpractice (17% vs. 15% of female respondents), overall, female respondents conveyed a higher level of concern. 65% of females are either “Somewhat Concerned” or “Very Concerned,” compared to 49% of males.

Results by Age: In the poll results, not surprisingly, younger attorneys conveyed a higher concern for being sued for malpractice than older attorneys. Attorneys who have been practicing longer likely “know the ropes” and have acquired the tools and techniques to avoid potential pitfalls.

How much do these results match your experience? What tools and techniques does your firm use to avoid the risks related to malpractice?

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