Customer says SmartRules is “an absolute must for every law firm”

We love hearing how SmartRules helps attorneys and legal professionals to work  more efficiently. We recently received some great feedback from a SmartRules client:

“I recently discovered that our firm has a subscription to SmartRules. This is the most amazing, comprehensive litigation program I have ever seen. I call it One-Stop Shopping. SmartRules is all you need. Everything you need to know about State and Federal Court and every possible subject is all in one place. You don’t need to jump around. Your subject matter provides every link you need and every link you didn’t even know you needed! You can’t beat it. SmartRules to me is an absolute must for every law firm. It takes the stress out of researching and is guaranteed to make your job so much easier. I never want to do without it.”

– Annette Walker

Legal Secretary at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

1 thought on “Customer says SmartRules is “an absolute must for every law firm””

  1. Daryl, great post. Your comments reclfet the current state of affairs the industry has been focused on big litigation with high volume ESI, and on bigger companies. At GGO / Digital WarRoom we are seeing increased interest from medium size and small companies who are well aware of the need for compliance and litigation readiness. Effective, defensible e-discovery can be done in an affordable way, and these smaller firms and their clients should be encouraged that it can be done. We are helping these organizations with data mapping, litigation readiness, and the ultimate processing/collection/review/production of documents, if and when the litigation hits.


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