New York Supreme Court Motion to Dismiss

Use this New York Supreme Court Motion to Dismiss “Cheat Sheet” to learn all the rules of civil procedure (in New York the CPLR) applicable to bringing a motion to dismiss in New York Supreme Court. For more detailed information, including local rules, see the SmartRules New York Supreme Court Guides for Motion to Dismiss, Opposition to Motion to Dismiss, and Reply in Support of Motion to Dismiss.

Summer 2020 Court Rule Updates

While many industries across the country have slowed down significantly due to the pandemic, the same cannot be said for our courts. Courts often update their Local Rules and procedures and this summer courts are busier than ever. Not only are courts countrywide updating their Local Rules and practices as usual, they are having to … Read more

Over 2,500 Guides and Local Rules Updated

While we are still early in the year, 2020 has already brought many changes to court rules. In fact, over two-thousand guides and citations have been updated since January 1st. Whether you are filing in the California Superior Courts, New York’s Supreme Courts or in any number of jurisdictions in between, SmartRules keeps you up … Read more

Autumn Court Rule Amendments – 2018

With the summer season invariably comes a flurry of activity from courts around the country in the form of changes to rules, requirements, and local procedures. Then the season turns to autumn and brings its own wave of activity from the courts.

Counterclaims in New York Supreme Court–the Rules of Civil Procedure

A counterclaim is initiated upon service of the pleading containing it. CPLR 203(d). Counterclaims are subject to the same statute of limitations provisions found in Article 2 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules. Notwithstanding the expiration of time under the statute of limitations, if a counterclaim was not time-barred at the time the original complaint was filed, it may be asserted during the pendency of that action. CPLR 203(d).

Georgia Rules Of Civil Procedure

SmartRules has all the rules of civil procedure for jurisdictions and courthouses in Georgia.  When you need to know the local rules in a jurisdiction in another State, you can eliminate the advantage that the local attorney has by reviewing the local rules on SmartRules SmartRules is updated with all of the Georgia Rules of … Read more