The Option of Impossibility – Alternatives to Force Majeure

Did you fail to specify “pandemic” or “disease” in your force majeure clause?  Or fail to include a force majeure clause altogether in your contract? Should you have foreseen the impact of COVID-19? The language of contracts will likely be changed forever in the wake of the pandemic’s disruption to businesses. While the courts will weigh … Read more

How the Coronavirus is Affecting our Courts

We have all had to adapt to life with the coronavirus and our justice system is no different. Across the county, courts are adapting, postponing, and finding ways to operate during this crisis.  Here are some of the changes that have taken place in our courts recently.  Federal judges continue vital operations virtually.  Maine Superior … Read more

Over 2,500 Guides and Local Rules Updated

While we are still early in the year, 2020 has already brought many changes to court rules. In fact, over two-thousand guides and citations have been updated since January 1st. Whether you are filing in the California Superior Courts, New York’s Supreme Courts or in any number of jurisdictions in between, SmartRules keeps you up … Read more