New York Supreme Court Interrogatories–List of CPLR Must Knows

Use this “List of Must Knows” to learn the statewide rules of civil procedure, New York’s Civil Practice Law and Rules (“CPLR”), you need to know to propound interrogatories in the New York Supreme Court.  For more detailed treatment of interrogatories in the New York Supreme Court, including local rules, please see the New York Supreme Court SmartRules Guides Interrogatories, and Response to Interrogatories.   Also, regarding formatting requirements please see the New York Supreme Court Guide Generally Applicable Rules and Formatting Requirements.

Must Know List Re Interrogatories–CPLR

Any party may serve interrogatories on any other party at any time after commencement of the action. CPLR 3130; CPLR 3132.

Unless the Court directs otherwise, no party may serve interrogatories on a defendant until the time has expired for that defendant to serve a responsive pleading. CPLR 3132.

Within twenty (20) days after being served with interrogatories, the party served must serve on each other party a copy of the answer or objection to each interrogatory. CPLR 3133(a). No additional time is added to this period if service was made by personal delivery, facsimile or electronic transmission. CPLR 2103(b)(1), (5) and (7).  If the interrogatories were served by overnight delivery add one (1) day to the response period. CPLR 2103(b)(6).  If the interrogatories were served by mail, add five (5) days to the response period. CPLR 2103(b)(2).  The day interrogatories are served is not included when calculating the time to respond. Response time starts running the day after service. Gen. Const. L. 20.  Saturdays, Sundays, and legal holidays are included in the count if they do not fall on the last day of the period. If the last day of the period is a Saturday, Sunday, or legal holiday, the response period runs until the end of the next non-holiday business day. Gen. Const. L. 25. “Legal holidays” include those specified in Gen. Constr. L. 24, plus any others designated by the federal or state government. Gen. Const. L. 24.  The response deadline may be altered by court order or stipulation. CPLR 2004; CPLR 3102(b), respectively.

Interrogatories may relate to any matter or information material or necessary to the prosecution or defense of the action and not subject to privilege. CPLR 3131; CPLR 3101. Interrogatories may require (a) an opportunity to examine and copy papers, documents or photographs that are relevant to the answers to the interrogatories, or (b) copies of such papers, documents or photographs. CPLR 3131.

The NewYork Rules do not specify a numerical limit for Interrogatories.  Additionally, the New York rules do not specify requirements for formatting interrogatories, but the general formatting rules for papers apply.

Except in matrimonial actions, no party can serve interrogatories on a party and demand a bill of particulars from the same party. CPLR 3130(1).

In actions based solely on negligence and claiming personal injury, property damage or wrongful death, no party may, without leave of Court, serve written interrogatories on a party and take the oral deposition of the same party. CPLR 3130(1).

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