Motion to Quash in California Superior Court

Use this introduction for an overview of the requirements applicable to bringing a Motion to Quash in California Superior Court.

For detailed information, including continuously updated state and local rules, please see the California Superior Court SmartRules Guides:  Motion to Quash, Opposition to Motion to Quash, and Reply in Support of Motion to Quash.


Different factors go into calculating the deadline for service of the notice and service of motion papers. SmartRules guides address deadline calculation, extensions for different types of service, and orders shortening time in detail.

Motion to Quash Rules

SmartRules guides cover the rules and requirements for Motions to Quash including:

  • Service of Notice and Motion
  • Extensions
  • Orders Shortening Time
  • Separate Statement Requirements (and when not required)
  • Discovery Request Identification
  • Stays of Production
  • Sanctions
  • Requirements for Who May Bring a Motion to Quash
  • Filing and Service Requirements
  • Moving Papers
  • Memorandum of Points and Authorities
  • Notice Requirements
  • Evidence and Deposition Testimony
  • Hearings
  • Telephone Appearances

Requirements for Motions to Quash are detailed and complex. SmartRules guides cover the rules and requirements in detail so you can be confident when filing Motions to Quash in California Superior Courts.

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