Upcoming Proposed Amendments to Local Court Rules – Updated April 5th

We know it seems like we’ve just finished with the January 1st court amendments but we’re already beginning the next wave of proposed amendments.

Staying on top of constantly changing court rules and requirements can be a time consuming and daunting task, that’s why we do it for you.

Here are some courts that have recently proposed changes to their local rules.


California Courts

California Rules of Court

Various new and amended rules.

Effective July 1st.

Alameda Superior Court

Proposed amendments to Appendix C, Conservatorship and Guardianship Fee Guidelines.

Comments are due May 8th.

Effective July 1st.

Humboldt Superior Court

Various new, amended and deleted rules.

Effective July 1st.

Los Angeles Superior Court

Very minor proposed amendments.

Comments are due April 30th.

Riverside Superior Court

Proposed amendments to Title 5 rules and Title 7 rules and forms.

Comments are due April 24th.

San Francisco Superior Court

Substantial proposed amendments to different sections of the local rules.

Comments are due April 28th

Effective July 1, 2017.

San Mateo Superior Court

Proposed expansion of electronic filing and proposed amendments to mandatory Settlement Conference Statement Format.

Comments are due May 15th.

Effective July 1, 2017.

Santa Clara Superior Court

Proposed amendments to two local forms and one local rule.

Comments are due April 24th.

Ventura Superior Court

Two proposed new rules and other minor amendments.

Comments are due May 1st.

Effective July 1, 2017.


District of Connecticut

Substantial proposed amendments to rule 56, Summary Judgment.

Comments are due April 14th.


District of District of Columbia

Proposed amendments to Local Rules 40.7 and 40.8

Comments are due May 11th.

Proposed amendments to Local Rule 7

Comments are due April 14th.


Massachusetts Court System

Proposed amendments to Interim electronic Filing Rules

Comments are due May 31st.


District of Massachusetts

Proposed amendments to correct formatting, number and update statutory references.

Comments are due April 10th.


Eastern District of Michigan

Proposed new rule 4.1, Service of Process for In Forma Pauperis Parties.

Comments are due April 21st.


District of Nevada

Proposed amendments to Local Rules of Practice.

Comments are due May 1st.


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