The Courts Are At It Again – Recent and Upcoming Court Amendments – Winter 2018

Physicists will tell you that there is no such thing as perpetual motion, but you wouldn’t know it by the activities behind the scenes in our nation’s courts. The SmartRules Editorial Team is hard at work making updates to our guides effective between December 1st of this year and January 1st of next.

December 2018

The biggest news for our December amendments is, of course, the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. December 1st brings changes to the federal rules for service of documents, class actions, stays to enforce judgments, as well as proceedings against security providers.

December also brings amendments to rules for:

Central District of California

Southern District of California

Northern District of New York

Eastern District of Michigan

Southern District of Florida

Eastern District of Missouri

District of Maryland

Southern District of Texas

District of Arizona

Northern District of Georgia

Eastern District of Virginia

January 2019

January will not bring a break from the changes. In addition to the many California Superior Courts that update their rules at the beginning of the year the following courts will be updating their rules:

Colorado Rules of Civil Procedure

Connecticut Practice Book Rules

Maryland Rules of Civil Procedure

Virginia Supreme Court Rules

The following California Superior Courts will update their local rules on January 1st:


Contra Costa

Los Angeles


San Diego

San Francisco

San Mateo


February 2019

The comment deadline for the latest round of FRCP amendments closes on February 19th.

Our Editorial Team is constantly monitoring courts across the country so you always know you have the most up-to-date information at your fingertips.

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