Los Angeles Superior Court Begins Electronic Filing

Los Angeles Superior Court Begins Implementing eFiling

At long last, California’s Los Angeles Superior Court will be implementing electronic filing of all civil documents. Voluntary efiling will begin November 13th. Electronic filing will be mandatory for attorneys in all civil cases by January 2nd.

Voluntary and Mandatory eFiling

Limited Civil

The court will begin voluntary electronic filing for attorneys filling Limited Civil Cases beginning November 13th. Just under three weeks later, electronic filing will be mandatory for attorneys in all Limited Civil Cases.

Unlimited Civil

For attorneys filing Unlimited Civil Cases, the voluntary electronic filing period will begin December 3rd, the same day efiling becomes mandatory in Limited Civil Cases. It will be mandatory for attorneys to file Unlimited Civil Cases on January 2nd of the new year.

Complex Civil

eFiling in Complex Civil Cases will not have a voluntary period. Complex Civil Cases are also mandatory to be electronically filed beginning January 2, 2019.

Electronic Filing at LASC

The Los Angeles Superior Court currently offers efiling for both Probate and Small Claims cases. Given the court’s implementation of electronic filing in these divisions, it is expected that the rollout of Civil eFiling will be reasonably smooth.

Pro Se Parties

Self-represented parties will also be able to file civil cases electronically. The courts will update us when that becomes available.

More information will be made available on the court’s website and on SmartRules.

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