Fidelity Creditor Service – Protecting Your Rights

As a creditor, you have legal rights, including the ability to obtain a notice of levy (also known as a writ of execution) as well as a judgment enforcement. Yet, many business owners may mistakenly believe our current economy makes pursuing collections impossible. The truth is that you can quickly restore your company’s financial health by enlisting a top tier collection agency.

“Keep in mind, not everyone is negatively impacted by this pandemic. The reality is that many companies, and therefore many employees, are flourishing during this challenging time,” said Gary Davis, Manager of Fidelity Creditor Service.

Fidelity Creditor Service has a team of  highly-trained and experienced collection agency representatives at two locations in Southern California.

According to Davis, the current and predicted state of the economy should not be a deterrent for businesses whose financial health would be positively impacted by reclaiming debts owed to them. “Credit is the basis of our economy,” said Davis. “Businesses and consumers rely on credit to function.”

Fidelity Creditor Service – A Full Service Operation

Fidelity Creditor Service operates as a full-service, one-stop shop that includes an in-house attorney to obtain court orders (writs of execution) as well as an in-house private investigator for tracking down debtors (and their assets). “The role of a collection agency is to safeguard the rights of the creditors,” said Davis. The firm also handles judgment enforcements, a critical service in the debt collection process which can be daunting if not handled by collection professionals.

Sometimes a lawsuit is necessary – but Davis said this is rare for his firm, adding, “we only sue .1 % of our accounts and many of those are settled before court.  Litigation is and always should be a last resort.  If we have to, we will, but we would always rather find a solution without involving the courts.”

One issue which may hinder hiring a debt collection agency (versus attempting to handle it themselves) is a business owner’s fear of losing repeat clients or generating ill will with clients, most especially for legal and medical business owners. Davis assures that his team is skilled in communicating with debtors in a manner that is strategically persuasive yet always professional. “More than 50% of our business is healthcare related collections,” said Davis. “The medical profession wants the bill paid, but they don’t want their patients good will negatively impacted.  That’s easy for us, given our approach. We will never make our clients look bad. All of our staff knows how to walk that line – it’s vital to our continued success.”

What makes Fidelity Creditors truly stand out from the competition?

“Our approach,” answered Davis. “Our goal is to build a rapport with the debtor and sell him on the reasons why it’s in their best interest to honor their responsibility. Then we develop a plan for them to pay their account.” Fidelity Creditor Service also implements multiple channels of communication with debtors; for those debtors on a payment plan who give permission, text messaging and emails will also be issued to keep them on track with their commitment to pay.

Fidelity Creditor Service also takes on what is known as “second placement debt” that debt that a previous collection agency failed to reclaim. Davis added that his firm has such a high success rate with handing second placement debt that clients are continually won over to place all of their debt collection with Fidelity.

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