2018 Brings New Laws for California Drivers

There’s never a dull moment in the Golden State – and with the legality of marijuana, the California DMV is also ushering in new laws effective January 1, 2018, to make sure drivers understand you can’t have your pot and smoke it too. And neither can your friends riding in your car. Specifically, SB 65 governs “Cannabis Use in Vehicles” and prohibits smoking or ingesting marijuana or marijuana products while driving or riding as a passenger in a vehicle. Violators will incur negligent operator point counts if caught. This goes for your motorcycle as well.

For those using Uber or Lyft to be the designated drivers, AB 2687, Passenger for Hire (effective July 1, 2018), renders it illegal for a person to operate a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.04 percent or more when a passenger for hire is in the vehicle at the time of the offense – holding them to a higher standard of safety.  Violators will have their license suspended if convicted.

Another law going into effect July 1, 2018, is SB 20 which covers Buses and Seatbelts. Both the driver and passengers on a bus which has seatbelts (note that older buses may not have them) must wear them. Additionally, parents or legal guardians, as well as those chartering a bus, must ensure that all children over the age of 8 yet under the age of 16 be properly restrained in a seatbelt or prohibit the transport altogether.

For a full review of 10 upcoming CA laws which will affect drivers, read Renee Schiavone’s article.

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