Counterclaims in New York Supreme Court–the Rules of Civil Procedure

A counterclaim is initiated upon service of the pleading containing it. CPLR 203(d). Counterclaims are subject to the same statute of limitations provisions found in Article 2 of the Civil Practice Law and Rules. Notwithstanding the expiration of time under the statute of limitations, if a counterclaim was not time-barred at the time the original complaint was filed, it may be asserted during the pendency of that action. CPLR 203(d).

Deposition Notice in Illinois Circuit Court

This introduction gives a broad overview of Deposition Notices in Illinois Circuit Courts. For fully detailed treatment on noticing a deposition in a specific Illinois Circuit Court, please see the SmartRules Illinois Circuit Court Notice of Deposition guides for the court where your action is pending. Timing Timing requirements are very specific including requirements for evidence and discovery depositions within twenty-one days … Read more