Recent Amendments: Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 6(d)

FRCP 6(d) Amendments RE
Electronic Filing

The recent amendments to The Federal Rules of Civil Procedure will affect the timing of responses to almost all federal court filings.

The most impact will be felt from the amendments to FRCP 6(d). Attorneys practicing in federal courts have become accustomed to having an additional three days to respond to motions and other filings unless the service is done by personal delivery. This is no longer the case.

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Are the FRCP 26 Proportionality Amendments Effective?

Discovery protocol, most especially in relation to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 26 (FRCP 26) has generated intense discussion and debate with regard to potential consequences from amendments as well as the rule itself. According to Patricia W. Moore, in her piece, Discovery Protocol Results in More Settlements, Fewer Motions to Compel the Federal Judicial … Read more