Los Angeles Superior Court Upgrades Telephone System Upgrades with New Fax Numbers

New fax numbers are being rolled out at all courthouse locations while the Los Angeles Superior Court continues upgrading their telephone system.

Notices are being sent out 30 days before new numbers are implemented, and the court’s website will be updated as new numbers go live. During this transition you can find updated contact information on the court’s Courthouses in Los Angeles County page.

The following courthouses have recently updated their fax numbers:

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Controversial New High Frequency Litigant Fees – Orange County Superior Court

A significant fee increase will become immediately effective for high-frequency litigants involved in either limited or unlimited civil cases in the Orange County Superior Court of California. Pursuant to Government Code 70616.5 the court may assess a $1,000 supplemental filing fee for a complaint by a “high-frequency litigant” in a construction-related accessibility case (as defined … Read more