New York Supreme Courts Continue to Expand E-Filing – 2016

New York Supreme Courts continue to expand electronic filing, 2016 update.

Recent Changes

In July it became mandatory to file all commercial matters electronically in Queens. In Albany e-filing Tax Certiorari matters became mandatory in July. Kings County expanded mandatory and consensual E-Filing in March. In December of last year mandatory e-filing was expanded in Suffolk County.

Upcoming E-Filing Expansion

In October of this year electronic filing is proposed to be expanded in Albany, Richmond and Suffolk Counties. These proposed expansions are posted on the court’s website and comments are requested.

Previous comments received by the court have been largely and exuberantly in favor of expanding electronic filing and include many suggestions to improve the system. Some comments point out that the system is inconvenient for non-attorneys while others point out that the requirements of individual judges are difficult to anticipate and lack uniformity.

The New York Court’s electronic filing system is by and large successful and it is a work in progress that begs refinement.

Consult Individual Court and Part Rules

Because of this lack of uniformity, it is essential to be familiar with each court’s practices and procedures.

SmartRules guides give you all of the information you need to successfully navigate the New York State Supreme Courts.

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