Motion for Leave to Amend in California Superior Court–At A Glance

Note: for continuously updated Motion for Leave to Amend Pleadings in the California Superior Courts, please refer to SmartRules guides.

This overview guide gives an introduction to Motions for Leave to Amend in the California Superior Courts. For full treatment, please see the SmartRules guides: Motion for Leave to Amend.


A pleading may be amended “once by the party of course, and without costs, at any time before the answer or demurrer is filed,” or before the hearing on the demurrer. Amendments are made by filing the pleading as amended and serving a copy on the adverse party.

Motion for Leave to Amend Rules

If the complaint is amended, a copy of the amendments shall be filed, or the court may, in its discretion, require the complaint as amended to be filed.

The court may deem a motion to file an amendment to a pleading to be a motion to file an amended pleading and require the filing of the entire previous pleading with the approved amendments incorporated into it.

An amendment to a pleading must not be made by alterations on the face of a pleading except by permission of the court. All alterations must be initialed by the court or the clerk.

Full Details

The following topics are covered in detail in the SmartRules guides:

  • Service of Amended Pleadings
  • Cutt-Off Dates
  • Extensions by Method of Service
  • Deadlines
  • Court May Shorten Time
  • Scheduling the Hearing
  • Rules & Requirements
  • Amendment by Leave
  • Amendment as a Matter of Right
  • Caption Requirements
  • Notice Requirements
  • Filing & Service
  • Presenting Oral Evidence
  • And more. . .


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