The Importance of Qualified Legal Counsel During Divorce


Going through a divorce presents a challenging chapter in one’s life from an emotional standpoint – which is why it is imperative to get sound legal advice from a seasoned divorce attorney.  The laws regarding filing for divorce or legal separation vary from state to state – it is crucial to consult with a qualified attorney who can educate you regarding your rights and provide you with a realistic assessment of likely financial and domestic scenarios.

If you have children, it is equally important to seek sound legal counsel to guide you on how to best proceed to ensure that you receive an appropriate and fair level of child support, spousal support, custody and visitation. For mothers especially, you and your children will need a strong voice and an advocate at this time – underlying the importance of having a qualified attorney armed with knowledge and expertise earned from years of achieving successful outcomes for previous clients to bring to your situation.

It is not uncommon for divorced or legally separated parties to request changes in child support, child custody, spousal support, or visitation – most especially if one party has experienced a change in financial status or if your initial settlement was not carefully reviewed by a qualified attorney. Whether you want a slight modification regarding child visitation or if you have a stronger legal pursuit such as the need to obtain full custody of your children, you need solid legal expertise in order to make clear decisions that are in your best interest.  The process of returning to the court system can be especially overwhelming for clients who have already completed a divorce or legal separation, yet it is often necessary, which again requires the input of keen legal counsel.

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