Alameda Superior Court Eases Up on Driver’s License Suspensions

A whopping 83,000 drivers in California’s Alameda County may be affected by recent legislation: AB 103 weighs in favor of drivers with suspended licenses due to non-payment of traffic fines.  Under AB 103, the Alameda County Superior Court has recalled all notifications previously sent to the DMV to suspend the licenses of said drivers; it is important to note that AB 103 does not apply to those drivers with fees due to a DUI, failure to appear, parking tickets, or reckless driving.

The court encourages drivers to visit to check the status of their licenses and to review options which may help them pay down their fines. Income-qualified drivers may have access to petition the court for lower fees and/or payment plans.

Also of note is the East Bay Community Law Center (EBCLC) which partners with the court to help low-income individuals overwhelmed with the combination of fees and a suspended license to turn the situation around by advising them on the self-help services available to them.

To read the full press release, visit the court’s website.

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