The SmartRules blog keeps civil litigation professionals informed about:

1. New and changing rules of civil procedure for civil litigation and bankruptcy practice. We post alerts and updates regarding local, statewide, federal and bankruptcy rules changes.

2. The practice of civil litigation. We provide “At A Glance Guides” for drafting, filing and serving civil litigation documents for state and federal United States jurisdictions.

3. Topics of general interest to civil litigators. We post articles about discovery practice, especially electronic discovery, cost effective litigation practices, litigating in the electronic age, and other litigation news and trends.

At SmartRules.com –  you can cut the time spent researching rules and procedures for filing and drafting litigation documents – typically in half. SmartRules™ can also save money, decrease non-billable overhead, and reduce the risks associated with missing filing deadlines or filing incorrect or outdated forms.

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