The 2017 California Amendments are coming – are you prepared?

On January 1, 2017, California will make changes to 129 Rules of Court, ranging from effective date of filing to custody of sealed records. Some rules will be amended, some rules will be repealed. Will you be ready?


In the area of formatting, here are some of the rules which will be amended:

CRC 1.20 Effective Date of Filing

CRC 2.110 Footer

CRC 2.103 Size, Quality, and Color of Papers

CRC 2.104 Printing, Font Size

CRC 2.105 Font Style

CRC 2.109 Page Numbering

CRC 2.110 Footer

CRC 2.111 Format of First Page


For filing, one rule which will be changing is:

CRC 3.1302 Place and Manner of Filing


For Evidence, the following rule will be amended:

CRC 3.1306 Evidence at Hearing


All in all, the California Courts websites feature a 162-page pdf document noting the changes – SmartRules makes these adjustments for you. All the rules listed here, and many more, are covered by SmartRules.


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