Complex Court Filings Increase in California Superior Courts

The workload is only getting bigger for the California Superior Courts according to the Judicial Council’s “2015 Court Statistic Report (CSR)”, especially for certain types of cases. While felony cases increased by 4 percent, mental health filings increased by 9 percent.

So how exactly does this impact the courts? According to Justice Douglas Miller, Chair of the Judicial Council’s Executive and Planning Committee, the information provided by the CSR assists in determining how to best allocate resources and the most recent results indicate more staff time will be needed to process complex cases.


The following is breakdown of 2014 cases:

  • Civil

Unlimited (greater than $25,000) – 193,190

Limited (less than $25,000) – 486,597

Small claims – 155,428

  • Criminal

Felony – 272,610

Misdemeanor – 915,568

Infraction – 4,907,906

  • Family and Juvenile

Marital – 138,968

Other family law – 242,518

Delinquency – 45,824

Dependency – 46,889

  • Other case types:

Civil and criminal appeals – 4,317

Criminal habeas corpus – 7,410

Mental health – 27,377

Probate – 44,298

For more information visit the California Courts website.



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