Law Students Representing Clients

As of April 2015 the United States District Court of Southern California (federal court) will allow law students of a certain standing to speak for or appear on behalf of a clients in criminal or civil matters under specified circumstances.  A law student’s eligibility will include the supervision of a member of the bar of the USDSC as well as written consent from the client that has been filed with the court. Additional qualifications that would make a law student eligible for this opportunity include: at least one full year of academic study as well as being in good standing with a law school that has ABA accreditation with the State Bar of California, enrolled in or having completed a course of evidence, and certification from the Dean of the student’s respective law school confirming his/her qualifications to take on this responsibility.

It is important to note that those law students meeting the requirements to participate at this level are not allowed to receive compensation. The supervising attorney must also adhere to certain standards.

For more information visit the court’s website.


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